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Information Booklets

Writing a series of information booklets that can be downloaded from your website is a great way to gather contact data for target consumers of your product or service, especially if you are selling intellectual property

Let’s focus on a download product to capture peoples’ email addresses so you can keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. This can be added to your website using or another email management tool.

First of all you need to know who you are writing the download for.  Research is extremely important when selling information. Invest a lot of time doing it early to prevent wasting even more time later on.  Trying to write something that everyone ‘gets’ is going to be impossible – think just for example how differently men and women communicate, let alone different ages, industry groups, leisure interests, or educational standards.  Think who your best customer is.  Perhaps you could try writing it just for them.

Having identified the who; you will need to decide what information they need to solve their problems.  Consider what your customer’s first or most frequently asked questions are.  Or perhaps what they need to know in order to do business with you?  For example: you could create an information product about how a company can decide the time is right to outsource. How it might benefit their company, and what they need to know to select the perfect provider?

Then let’s ‘Start’ cos we can with the Jam

  1. Create a Title.  Make a list of 20 possible titles and/or subtitles for your booklet.  For example check Anne Orchard’s Families Facing Cancer.  When you have your choices do some primary research with people from your target market to see what works for them.
  2. Write the back cover first.  You know how when you pick up a book in a book shop you read the back cover to see whether it’s the book for you to buy?  Identify the problem in emotive language and explore the benefits of your download and how it will solve their problem.
  3. Start or continue to write the blog.  The single most important thing you will do when selling online information products is to find your audience.  Your online social network of contacts will be interested in what you have to say so continue to build attraction and anticipation through posts and comments.
  4. Create a structure for your download.  By introducing a beginning, middle and end gives you purpose to your writing.
  5. Reuse any appropriate articles or blogs or comments you have written in the past.  This is your intellectual property, and your copyright after all, so you can use it as many times as you like.
  6. Write for just 10 minutes a day to fill in the gaps!  Then stop! Writing in short burst you will find the energy to create a compelling piece of work.  All the information is in your head, all you need to do is to put it down on paper.  Anne highly recommends writing it freestyle rather than on the computer.
  7. Edit when you have finished the booklet, not as you go along.  The temptation to edit is strong, but every time you stop to get the message or the grammar or the spelling right, you stop the creative momentum and flow of your thoughts.  Resist the urge to edit until you have completed the piece.


With thanks to Anne Orchard for her inspiration for this Blog post.  If you have started writing information booklets already, then tell us about your latest here:

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