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Dungeons and Dragons

ID-100161829Many, many years ago – 22 to be exact I played Dungeons and Dragons down the pub with a bunch of Debenhams colleagues for the best part of a year, every Monday night.  In those days the Internet did not exist.  Indeed computers had only just been invented as far as I can tell!!!  The game was created entirely with our mental images.

Those of us that played were seriously interested in fantasy literature from Tolkien to Donaldson to Peake.  JK hadn’t invented Harry P in those days.  Disc World and other commercial fantasies had only just emerged.  Alan Taylor, I have just remembered his name, was writing a Peake style novel of his own.  I loved it.  He gave me an update of his progress on a daily basis over lunch. His imagination was just beyond my belief. I so wanted to be in his story.

Recently I went to see Avatar.  Despite its obvious commercialism I enjoyed the ‘fantastic’ story and its relationship to dying earth.  But I do wonder how much the computer, the Internet and its games have spoiled the imagination for future generations.  To me it seems just that little bit too easy to tap into someone else’s creativity.  At least with Tolkien, Donaldson and Peake you had to expend a little reading effort.

As Joe Walsh once uttered “Can’t help think that I’m living a life of illusion

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