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Perfect for Blog Unblocking – Personal Musings

It’s a tiny bay situated on the Southcoast betwixt Crowlink and Beachy Head.  Nestled between the third and fourth of the Seven Sisters, Birling Gap was once a smugglers cove, and an outlet for ill gotten swag.  How the plunderers scaled the chalk cliffs and traversed the rugged heath to East Dean … escapes me.

Complete with gelid, deep green glints of frothing sea that speak of shipwreck tales and other sad ghosts, it was exactly where I wanted to be.  Here I knew there would be no excuses, no chores, no piled up work to stop me from penning words that have been forming in my mind; most of which are half forgotten. However, if you are interested in words- watch this space; in the meantime here is one of my favourite Bowie tracks that captures the landscape, the ambiance and my mood perfectly: Word on a Wing

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