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Our Loss; God’s Gain – Eulogy

Heaven won’t know what hit it last night!  The Passionate PA has left us wanting.

imgres-2Sarah Howells died this afternoon after a short but courageous and public fight with breast, brain, kidney and liver cancer.  Spookily, she did not suffer lung cancer – given her craving for the white stick.  She will have chalked that one up as a success!  She was never politically correct before anyone deems to correlate.

Personally, I had a tough year in 2009.  In comparison to Sarah who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June – it was a walk barefoot in the park.  However, her compassion for my own situation astounded me.  This girl, 12 years my junior, cared enough to text, email and Facebook (of course) to make sure I was OK on a regular basis.

If you are one of few who have not yet heard of Sarah Howells then you might just want to check her video out on the Pash Bash website.  This is the essence of Pash in her own words:

She has only been gone eight hours but for Pash that’s just a day’s work and you can be sure that she is whipping those inside the Pearly Gates into shape.  In a weird way I’m kinda glad she’s got there first.  She’ll have made the place a darn sight brighter when the rest of us end up there.  In the words of Diana Ross, Sarah, ‘I’m missing you’

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  1. Got to agree with everything you’ve said there Laura.

    Sarah was a one-off, a born organiser (I’ll never forget her presentation that included storing your bedding inside the pillowcases!), and always ready to help.

    She’s greatly missed by everyone who knew her.


  2. I have just read the news and am sad, but as you suggest Laura – ‘heaven only knows what she is up to now!’ I met Pash at the Christmas Creative (Business Exchange)- having had a very difficult end to my year: stressful theatre touring in a recession, swine flu, and the death of my step-father plus an impending hip-op but Sarah lit up the room, and I was drawn to her; she was gorgeous; and we have had Facebook correspondence ever since – no driving for me as my consultant wouldn’t allow it – and Sarah was going through extremely tough times; both of us were whipping up positive thinking together. I am so pleased to have met, and known Sarah; and jealous of any who had longer to know her very well. She is and will be so very missed by all she touched .


  3. Laura,
    Succinctly put as usual!
    Sarah was a 10×1 Girl not a 1×10 – she did 10 years living every year, personally and professionally – a Dynamo and gorgeous in every way!
    Let’s trust that God gives her a good long holiday as if she becomes his P.A. we’ve had it! She’ll have our lives filed and documented – there’ll be no escape for us!!


  4. Laura

    Thank you for taking time to do this – such an inspirational lady was Sarah. Puts lots of things in to context!!!


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