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Postscrips from Sir Benfro

You have got to listen to this whilst reading this post!  Have a nice day by the Welsh band Sterophonics  …

I have just returned from a long weekend with friends who live in Pembrokeshire (Sir Benfro).  I am now in love with the Welsh lilting language that is so poetic that it lends itself perfectly to the drifting landscape.

1.  Aberdauleddau is otherwise known as Milford Haven.  Why would you ever want to call it Milford Haven?

2. The shops in Narberth have the most creative names per square foot in the whole of the UK:  Friday’s Child, Jelly Egg, Suzies Sheepskin Shoes, Bargain Box, Golden Sheaf, Wriggly Tin, Taboo, and even No 47 works as a clothing shop situated at no 47 High St – don’t you think?

3.  The Big Issue is sold in Haverford West by a guy with gold fillings and

4. The translation for an ancient burial ground is Siambr Gladdu.  I think it sounds like ‘sleeping gladly’.  How wonderful it that?  This is they ‘sleeping gladly’ under the standing stones at Pentre Ifan

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  1. What’s that really long name in Welsh again LlanfairPG is the shortened version I think. I love all the celtic languages, the imply an ease with the landscape and life that seems to be so at odds with our use of words. I find myself often rolling words around in my head wondering just on earth how a particular word came to stand for a particular thing.


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