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Brilliant is the New Black

Back in Black

Those of you who don’t know what I do for a living, I run the ‘brilliant’ BusinessXchange programme.  I have been referring this Business Link service with this superlative message for the last four or five years.  It has stuck.  Not everyone remembers to repeat the alliteration.  But people remember the premise of the adjective and reiterate rather than repeat it. Hey I am not tetchy. This is OK!

There is an element of psychology in the premise that the brilliant BusinessXchange programme is indeed brilliant.  Whilst it is of course – the repetition reinforces that.  If I referred to it as the boring BusinessXchange then the programme is likely to be considered boring.  Not brilliant, not inspired not exceptional or indeed accomplished; just boring.

images-16Now the brilliant BusinessXchange did not become brilliant overnight.  Nor will it remain brilliant if I don’t reinforce the message consistently.  This copy message is important in its existent.  The reiteration of the message builds a rhythm and becomes hypnotic.

You need to repeat an advert many times to ensure the media message sticks.  Likewise you need to reiterate the key AIDA messages on each and every piece of marketing copy you chose to use.  This includes the key words as well as the message.  It is important to repeat on each and every page of your website, your Blogs, your online profiles, as well as whatever print you use – do you get the message?



  1. Hi Laura,

    This is so true – it can be very important in my line of work, too. I asked a question on LinkedIn about what people find helpful about cancer support groups, and someone has replied that they are part of a Wellness Group – what a great language reframe for those attending. As you say with repetition it’s got to sink in.

    Now have to think how I apply it to my website too.



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