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Goodbye Cruel World!

I’ve decided to leave our world this weekend.  The weather is looking perfect for a sojourn into the Land.  I’m going to find a comfortable spot with a stunning view.  Once settled I will travel beyond the waterfall, into the mountains with Liand and Linden to escape the grim grip of Lord Foul.  Moreover, I am going to help them discover what’s happened to Earthpower; an energy that lends the Land its beauty.

Of course, they won’t know I am there; but I will be immersed, engaged and encouraging them all the way.  I will rant when they want to take the short cuts.  I’ll scold them for bargaining with the Land which has never yet proved to be fruitful.  I’ll remind them that for all the Devisers devious ways he can be defeated.  People might look at me weirdly in this world – but in the Land I am anonymous and can do this.

The more I think about escaping the more excited I am.  It is high time I switched off the Internet and finished this novel.  The remaining 500 pages I have left to read of The Runes of the Earth is the first of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant trilogy.

I so admire the creative writing of Stephen Donaldson.  There are two earlier trilogies which recount the adventures of Thomas Covenant.  He is a leper, who transcends time and space to become the Unbeliever, White Gold Wielder and temporary saviour of the Land until his death, in the last of the second Chronicles.

I wish I was able to work words like Donaldson.  He creates a new language that is complex yet nonetheless compelling.  It is a tad easier to read than Peake or Tolkien but there is a dark juxtaposition between our world and the Land that doesn’t exist in the formers’ fantasies.

How wonderful would it be to have an imagination that can create a whole new world?  Kind of weird that the worlds these legendary authors have created are not perfect.  Mine would be!  Maybe that’s why I am well and truly stuck in this one?


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