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Here’s hoping that I am out the other side of a blog block period!  It’s been going on for a couple of months now.  It’s not that I don’t have the ideas – I just haven’t found the words to express them recently.

This post has been building since February – February 14th to be exact, when I was given an orchid.  A lovely thing it is too.  Flowers have been denoted their own language and Orchidaceae is chosen to mean love, beauty, refinement, and virility.  Perfect I thought!  As I carefully placed the plant in a position of prominence, I was reliably informed that the name comes from the Greek “órkhis”, literally meaning “testicle”.  This is apparently because its root has a similar shape to the male genitals.

An ah ha moment. For the previous six weeks, I had been helping to promote the Love Balls event on behalf of Orchid – male cancer charity.  I had no idea that is why the charity was so named.

There is a Greek mythological figure called Orchis that further supports these words.  The story has something to do with a party hosted by Bacchus the god of wine.  He is my favourite of all the b-listed gods!  There was a bit too much of the red stuff – some over the top flirting with a pretty hand maiden and an angry host who in a fit, chopped up and scattered Orchises remains.

Wherever Orchises body parts landed a resilient and beautiful orchid grew.  The exception to this was his masculinity which Bacchus threw into the sea in disgust.  However, the union of flesh and sea spawned Aphrodite the goddess of love!  So there you go – if you have an orchid in your living room you are sitting with one of Aphrodite’s sisters!

And you might just want to be listening in your living room to this White Stripes YouTube clip.  It’s Blue Orchid – have a listen or indeed watch it. I love the imagery.

Reading ease 4.0

PS Don’t you think this is just the most flirtatious flower you have ever seen?


Photo by Dred Geib from Pexels

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