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Back of an Envelope

It’s another of those quirky idioms.  It refers to a quick and dirty calculation jotted on a scrap of paper.  However quick and dirty, the impact is only achieved if you really understand your business.  You need to be able to analyse a problem and illustrate a solution using best guesses instead of exact numbers.  The use of the back of an envelope allows you to illustrate a powerful point. So …

What if you knew the financial impact of your business?

What if you could guestimate the net profit from a piece of work?

What if you could apply a return on investment for a new client based on your average percentage success rate?


The point of being able to jot things down is that it is engaging, encompassing and empowering.  It shows you understand your business and your clients business.  It shows that you recognise the impact of the bottom line on any business decision.  Finally, it helps to get buy in for the impact of the work on your clients business as well as your own.

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