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Ladies who Lunch

Now you need to know that I am on holiday this week so you must allow me a little leeway in my thought meanderings on this little idiom.

This stopping for lunch business has never really been high on my ratings in the world of work but I have enjoyed three lunches and three afternoon get togethers as part of my week’s staycation.  (mmmm!  Not sure I am keen on this amalgamated new word; what do you think?)  You might have wryly noticed that I haven’t done breakfast – that would be far too much like a busman’s break! imgres-14However, I have quite taken to the idea of the lunch time sojourn; it saves having to find something to cook for tea.  Since I have never really been keen on cooking, I have pleaded ignorance with girly friends that do – and they send me round food parcels; jokingly titled meals on wheels.  Thank you kindly girly friends!

On pleading with men who know how to chef then I am delighted share a small portion of their feast. Of course when pleading with those who can’t cook won’t cook (like me), the ideal opportunity to go get a curry arises.

Finally, when the time comes to volunteer, I have found the summer time BBQ suggestion quite useful.  Especially, if you have a male Aussi Cuz and some of his friends that will help sort out the technical difficulties like finding the ‘on’ button. I don’t want you to think that I am lazy; I have been known to rustle up a super salad on the odd occasion!  But I do love a BBQ in the garden when the weather is as good as it gets.  I am musing that it might be my turn shortly.  Shall we drink to that?


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