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Ouch! Email?

I’m sure my specialist will be happy to see hand propped up by pillows as he insisted earlier before discharge.  Me? I’m glad to be home and I’m quickly adapting to one-handed typing and thanking whoever invented spellcheck!


The thing is that … I have made more phone calls than normal today and whilst each of these have taken longer than any individual email, they have elicited more emotion, empathy, excitement and enthusiasm; all elements that you often miss in an email conversation.

The balance of time spent shortens when you chat through the thinking behind the suggestions made.  For example, when you receive an email asking for feedback, you have to weigh up what you see against what you know about the environment.  It is difficult to assimilate nuances in writing, that you otherwise might from the tone, inflections, pace, and pause from a voice.

When you read an email response, you (quite naturally) add a voice to the narrative.  Your perceptions will be based on … prior conversations with the correspondent … their writing style … their personalty traits, and the mood you are in when receiving the information.  Sadly, we do have a tendency to project our own moods onto what we are reading which may sometimes distort our understanding of what is being said.

Most of us appreciate the importance of the visual.  The font you use can create an impression, along with the style of language, the number of words that you use will add to the inflection.  That is, the way in which the sound of your voice is ‘heard’ (or in this case read.)

Even when we write an email response to an email question – do we really give it the time it deserves to be appreciated.  And if we do – might that time be better spent in creating a real life two-way old fashioned phone call?  Just asking …



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