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Sunday – (Song Lyric Sunday)

Sunday is the opening track to Heathen, which marked the return of producer Tony Visconti, who’d co-produced many of Bowie’s classic albums in the 1970s. Visconti recalled to Uncut magazine June 2008 about recording this track and the album: “‘Sunday’ is absolutely stunning. It took a long time to make and every time we added a layer of sound from either us or a visiting musician, the song grew to be more and more of an emotional experience. I think Heathen was a very spiritual album. David wrote some great lyrics, wore his heart on his sleeve for that album. This is all my assumption. He rarely “explains” his lyrics to me. But I have to make something of them so I can help to create his musical settings. Sometimes he would specifically tell me his meaning, to keep the recording focussed.”

Source: SongFacts

Bowie, who was 55 at the time of Heathen’s release, said, “I’m pretty much a realist. There’s a certain age you get to when you’re not really going to be shown [on TV] anymore. The young have to kill the old. … That’s how life works. … It’s how culture works.” For this reason there were no music videos released for any of the songs from this album.

Source: Wikipedia

I have found, however, a particularly superb live in Japan video, where Bowie is looking pretty damned fit for 55. Sit back and enjoy.

Nothing remains
We could run
When the rain slows
Look for the cars or signs of life
Where the heat goes
Look for the drifters
We should crawl under the bracken
Look for the shafts of light on the road
Where the heat goes

Everything has changed
For in truth, it’s the beginning of nothing
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed
For in truth, it’s the beginning of an end
And nothing has changed
And everything has changed

In your fear
Of what we have become
Take to the fire
Now we must burn
All that we are
Rise together
Through these clouds
As on wings

In your fear, seek only peace
In you fear, seek only love
In your fear, seek only peace
In you fear, seek only love
In your fear, in your fear
As on wings
This is the trip
And this is the business we take
This is our number
All my trials, Lord
Will be remembered
Everything has changed

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: David Bowie

Sunday lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Post inspired by Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday Prompt – This week we have the prompts: One Word Title  – Click through for the rules if you too would like to join in …

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  1. This is a lovely song Laura and I read that many people think it is about 9/11, but it was recorded before that. The lyrics are apocalyptic and the music is haunting, so I can see how people make this connection.

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