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Category: Non-Exec and Board Mentoring

Outsourcing the Way Forward

As a business owners, incorporated or not, in the early growth years we wear many hats, in addition to the technical one that brings the money in and pays the […]

Flawed Boards or Sounding Boards

The credit crunch crisis … Should the directors of the banking institutions have seen it coming?  Of course they should!  Questioning and recording the question is the right and a […]

Generation WHY?

You can’t tell Generation Y to do something without explaining why. I had no idea how long this idea has been in the public domain but I had never come […]

Just Listen – Speciality Speeches #2

Uplift the Spirit Objectives: Identify and understand the basic differences between inspirational speeches and other kinds of speeches. Learn how to evaluate audience feeling and develop emotional rapport. Develop a speech style and […]

Bold Goals

Probably the most famous of Bold Goals has to be JF Kennedy’s landing a man on the moon and returning him to earth safely by the end of the decade.  A […]

Aristotle on Business Values

In my last blog – The Community Footprint – we looked at values as a pivotal to the ethics of your business.  The WessexFM story proves that business comes from […]

Collaborate, Cluster, Collude

This is about establishing a partnering arrangement – aka co-operatives, strategic alliances, joint ventures, teaming Up, collaborations.cluster and/or conspiring … 1. Find the Right Partner In addition to looking for […]

Business Clarity; Business Focus

Whether you think you need a business plan or not, having a clear definition of what you are delivering and how you do that helps with business clarity and focus. […]

Inside the E-Type

  A Post-Script on Business Vision. Until recently I had never recognised my intuition or gut feelings.  This is because I was born an ‘analytic’.  I learned to be ‘dynamic’ […]

If you don’t ask …

If you don’t ask …You don’t get; won’t get but more importantly in business if your business connections don’t know what you want, you can’t possibly get. Rudyard Kipling oft […]

Decisions; Decisions

A couple of questions to get you thinking:  What was the worst business decision you ever made?  What did it cost you?  And what was the best business decision you […]

Swinging the Lead

An idiom that has some merits perhaps? It describes somebody who avoids work by giving the appearance of toiling but not actually doing anything significant. Its origins are in naval […]

Love Letters – (I Love Feb #3)

I have been thinking about love letters this week; a lot, and wondering if they are a dying art.  I wrote and received love letters when I was a teenager […]

Stuff and Nonsense! – Grammar et al

Stuff and nonsense is an exclamation of incredulity!  I think, perhaps that I favour the Aussie alternative of Codswallop.  A term derived from a derogatory description for a new craze […]

Five Years

This week sees the fifth anniversary of my working in the same job and for the same company.  Don’t misunderstand me; I love doing what I do.  I guess this is […]

Oxymora – Grammar

In previous Blogs I have alluded to poetic licence for using language, words and grammatical punctuation for comic or dramatic effect.  This week I want to talk about oxymora, the […]

Blog Block

Those of you, avid readers, of my Blog might be wondering if I am on holiday again.  Alas no!  I have Blog Block. And, of course, as soon as I […]

The Cold War at Work – Rant

Prelude to the Blog:  This week has been a one of real highs and real lows. I was at a loss to know what to write about this week for […]

Your Top Twenty Words – Blog Club

Last weekend, challenged by my Blog master to go Blog elsewhere, I, in a roundabout way, found myself on Friends Reunited. It has been six years since I first registered. I […]