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Business Clarity; Business Focus

Whether you think you need a business plan or not, having a clear definition of what you are delivering and how you do that helps with business clarity and focus.


I have been marking the business plan assignments for Bournemouth Arts University students this last couple of weeks.  Something that I have known for a long time but has really struck home is the confusion about business vision, missions, values, purpose and objectives.

Implied Explicit
Vision describes what you want your business to be known for sometime in the future. Mission is the one ‘bold’ goal you want to achieve, the real purpose of your business
The Governing Principles – describe the strategic management style. Strategic Objectives – are the three – five key success measures.
The Values – describe how the company behaves toward people, the planet and its profit. The Standards – are what your stakeholders can expect from you and your business

Plus the Key Performance Indicators – are the ongoing milestones and contingency measures.

So check!  How clear and how focused are you with your business … right now?


  1. YTKO’s vision is to create fulfillment and prosperity through enterprise.
    YTKO’s mission is that by 2020, we’ll have enabled the creation and growth of more than 5500 companies, contributing over £1 billion per annum to the British economy.


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