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Aristotle on Business Values

In my last blog – The Community Footprint – we looked at values as a pivotal to the ethics of your business.  The WessexFM story proves that business comes from working with people with the same agenda and as a result produces great results.
Aristotle suggested there was a ‘Golden Mean’.  This is to be: courageous, liberal and temperate.  In other words;

Marble head of Aristotle.

… not too cowardly nor too rash

… not too miserly nor too extravagant

… not too fasting nor too glutinous

He held there were three forms of happiness:  pleasure and enjoyment; free and responsible citizenship; thinking and philosophy.  (Well, he would say that wouldn’t he?)

However, what is key to this blog post is that he acceded that man is a political animal and works best within a community in which he (or she) belongs.

It therefore, begs the questions: Are your business ethics obvious and then do you recruit people/clients with the same mindset?  And moreover; how do you communicate that to all your stakeholders?  Please share?

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