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Best Laid Plans! (Six Sentence Story #152)

Josie had planned to catch the 6.10 am ferry service from Hythe to Southampton but she missed it by a minute; the pier train was rattling down the tracks – Pah!

No real problem, as she always left with contingency time, (just in case) and caught the next ferry, half hour later; sadly the connecting bus to Southampton, mainline station wasn’t there … twitching a bit, Josie decided to take a taxi and offered two others, with whom she’d been talking with (in the queue) to share the cab; in return, they kindly paid.

She rushed to the online booking kiosk to get her ticket, wondering why they make these things so complicated and, then as she was working out which platform she needed to be on, the 7.30 train to Waterloo left; her contingency was, now, irrevocably eroded.

The following, ‘fast’ train got caught by signalling failure at Clapham Junction and was going to further delay Josie’s arrival – so she phoned and texted all sorts of pathetic apologies; then, after another one minute tube train miss, she finally made it to her destination – one hour and 15 minutes later than planned … seriously; not the way she liked to make an entrance.

Luckily, the Non-Exec Directors update session itself was well worth attending and the wine in the bar afterwards engendered great networking, which kept her a tad longer than she’d planned; as when Josie got back to Southampton, she had missed the last bus back to the ferry port; shrugging, she took a taxi to find she’d missed the last one by  … yes … one whole minute!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

This post is inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story – prompt SERVICE. Click through with the links, if you, too, would like to join in … Sorry it’s so late again! 😇


  1. “Pah!” Even when allowing for travel dispruptions sometimes you can’t avoid being late. Worst is connecting flights, grr.
    Luckily Josie enjoyed her destination and a glass of wine or two 🙂 But then the return journey… “Pah!” again.

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  2. It may have all been worth it for the wine bar and the great networking. But it does remind me of dreams (or nightmares) I have had where I can never seem to get to where I want to go until I fortunately wake up. Nice six!

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  3. Oh how frustrating! I’m sure Josie figured out pretty quickly exactly how the day would go, lol. I applaud her for rolling with the “punches” and finding the positive at the end of the day.
    Glad you joined in 😀

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