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Inside the E-Type


inside an etypeA Post-Script on Business Vision.

Until recently I had never recognised my intuition or gut feelings.  This is because I was born an ‘analytic’.  I learned to be ‘dynamic’ in my early years climbing the corporate ladder and tempered that with ‘empathy’ skills as I learned how to effectively lead a team.

Then, in the last 10 years I worked out that actually I can think creatively even if ‘artistry’ has streaked by me without so much as a backward glance.

So if I am a creative thinker, then might I also be intuitive?  My recent purchase of the Apple triage would suggest not!!

I found this personality questionnaire that suggests that entrepreneurs needn’t necessarily fit either of the A/B personality types.  Entrepreneurs tend to be designated A but Alex Giorgio, psychotherapist, has concluded that there is a third description which he calls Type E personality.  “An estimated 75% of those living in E-land, the Internet and startups for example, fit the TypeE profile”

To learn if this also describes you, you can take the free, instantly self-analyzing quiz here. Type E Quiz.  Type E only applies to about 5-10% of the population and within that there are 3 sub-types.  This is where I fit … according to my own reckoning!

24 – 27 points: Most likely a TypeE Translator. You’re a bilingual visionary who is a vital link between the TypeE mystic and the TypeE manager. You excel in being able to think and communicate in two very distinct styles – both globally and linearly. It’s that extraordinary ability to take lofty visions and bring them down to earth that makes you an invaluable – and scarce – resource.

WOW!  E-Type meets E-Myth … Happy with that description … What do you think?

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