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Shopping Trollies = The State of the Nation – Rant!

One thing that has bothered me in the last … well forever … has been all those that can’t stack their shopping trolly into the right sized trolly in front; within of course the shopping trolly bays at the supermarket.  (Pause and breathe. Apologies. There is an awful lot of trolly in that long sentence!)

I wonder why do people abandon their trolly at the collection point?  Is it that they just can’t be bothered? Or are they just so busy that they don’t care to connect them together as they were designed.

Yes I have been spotted rearranging them.

I wonder whether the designers of this supermarket equipment get just as upset, having spent time working on an ergonomic project that makes optimum use of space, whilst giving maximum ease of use for the consumer.


I wonder whether the supermarket managers get upset with the increased workload in collecting mis-alined trollies.  It will impact productivity levels and possibly targets and bonus payments?

(is anyone else bothered that not all the wheels are facing in the same direction?)

And … I wonder whether I have OCD.  I have recently got very irritated that my lodgers can’t work out which is a fish fork and where it should be placed in the cutlery tray.  Or is this now just the state of the nation?

I am guessing that this probably only upsets 25% of the population so would like to see if that is indeed the case. What do you think?

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