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Blog Block

Those of you, avid readers, of my Blog might be wondering if I am on holiday again.  Alas no!  I have Blog Block.

And, of course, as soon as I realised this, I thought – hey I’m on to something!  This is another of those words/phrases for the alternative Oxford Dictionary or the MacMillan Dictionary whoever picks it up first.  A bit like the ‘new word’ WAGS  (wives and girlfriends) which of course is in particular reference to Footballers!

However, I am not going to make my fame in this respect, as following my usual trawl around You Tube I found this!



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  1. YouTube once again brilliant! It looks like blogwessex in general has Blog-block, though I feel it’s more to do with purpose rather than content. If I get my purpose targeted the content will follow!


  2. I SO understand this issue…..I should do….I’ve been bloggless for a month and a half!!! But as Gloria Gaynor once said “But now I’m back”.
    I think we all have the right attitude and we do mean well, it’s just the busy lives we lead and prioritising isn’t it?


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