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Made Me Smile

68% of clients leave due to indifference or lack of attention …  sometimes it only takes a smile to get them and keep them coming back.

5d088f06d410c98a8177ff6ed17dca62This New Year’s Eve I went to one of my locals (there are three – just in case) The Springhead.  I’d popped in for a quick drink a couple of weeks back and was surprised with the change in the atmosphere.

Having been taken over by new landlords, it has recently undergone a makeover, not a refit, but a definite spruce up.  Unfortunately their budget wasn’t going to replace the toilets, which I’m sure date back to the late 60’s.  So they have plastered the walls with 1950 retro posters, made the dodgy decor a smiling point and have turned it into an asset.

Moreover, the marketing has had a massive makeover.  Gone is the notice to remove boots before entering, instead “Muddy Boots and Dogs are Welcome” – a smile for all walkers previously disengaged. The best thing of all is the beaming smiles of all the staff.  Now it might have been the dodgy fancy dress we had chosen to wear that night but the service was chatty and engaging – we will definitely be going back.


So how do you let people know you are smiling on your website? Have a look to see how Stewart Perrett of Giraffe Designs smiles at his potential clients.  I don’t know about you but Stewart’s self-deprecating sense of humour appeals to me.  He makes me smile.  We don’t see a picture of Stewart but we do get a sense of him smiling at us when we read.  Not everyone will connect with his sense of humour but then he doesn’t need everyone to be his customer.

What about this smiling tip on Harvey Taylor’s YouTube Channel.  This made me laugh out loud.  If you get them laughing – you can’t help but win – can you?  I know that not everyone has got the confidence to record their message but video does have great power if you can master it.

So what about you?  How do you smile at your potential clients?  Let me know I’d love to share some great ideas here.

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