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My Blog this week continues the story telling theme.  However, this is about shortening the story to a one liner that really gets the message across. The thought was kick started when Mark Pitcher, an associate reminded me of Victoria Beckham’s goal “I want to be more famous than Persil Automatic”.

Then on Tuesday night VB in a self portrait piss take muttered the throw away comment – “It’s hard work being fabulous”.  I will be using that one – watch me!

Subsequently, I found some interesting stuff on a recent Blog by Mike St. Pierre  As I alluded in my comment on Mike’s blog, I think there is a lot more than that to the one-liner.

A great one-liner I have used earlier this week to describe the effect of an eye ulcer was thanks to Robbie; “I look like Kiss but without the makeup!”  These are some other one-liners that I love:

il_fullxfull.214425638Life is like a box of chocolates¨

Listen is an anagram of silence¨

How many do you want exactly?¨

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t; you are right – Ford¨

It’s not who you know; it’s whom you know!¨

Half the people in the world are above (or below) average.¨

I resemble that remark!”

Frustration is the flip side of passion¨

I’m modest and proud of it!”

And of course for those who know me – I have many more of my own that I use incessantly that still get titters from those who haven’t heard them recently …  “You have ten minutes, ten minutes only; to have a wee, grab a coffee and someone else you fancee … talking to and take a new seat” Now it’s your turn to add to the list …

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