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Everyone knows that a good testimonial can work wonders for your business reputation and encourage prospects to buy from you.  But customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that does a great job for you – and a badly worded testimonial can actually be damaging. Carol Bentley of Promote your Business shares the 5 questions to ask that will help your customers give you a powerful testimonial and how to turn those into case-studies that enhance your business image.

There are five essential questions according to Carol to ask your clients to elicit a great case study.  The questions tell a story and the answers provide the proof.


As an exercise Carol suggested that delegates write testimonials for THE Entrepreneur Hub meetings:  This is a summation of what was produced:

Q.  What was the main concern that might have stopped you attending THE Entrepreneur Hub supper?

A.  “I have been to a number of networking meetings that didn’t give me anything extra to work on my business.  I was concerned that THE Hub would be another ‘empty’ event.” said Jane Piper of Lotte Lulu.

A.  “It’s a higher price than most of the other networking events I attend – wasn’t sure I would get value for money but … ” adds Katherine Hanson of Soci@lite.

Q.  What did you experienced as a result of attending?

A.  As a result of the last two Hub meetings on The Accidental Salesman and Getting Great Testimonials I have been inspired to changed my approach to marketing and sales” offers Christopher Bayliss.

A.  “I have met very useful and constructive contacts that have helped me personally in bring fresh perspectives into what I’m doing and why.” supports Nigel Ewens of Jurassic Coast Railways.

Q.  What specific feature do you like most about these network meetings?

A.  “Laura has introduced a truly valuable concept that added a tangible new activity for business and personal growth – the buddy system”.  suggests Steve Graham of Internet Mentor

A.  “The strategy of nailing down tasks/goals to commit to and then being accountable to a buddy is very effective.”  expands Katherine Hanson, of Soci@lite

Q.  What three benefits do you get from this network?

A.  Finding business partners, increasing my business knowledge, meeting amazing people.”  offers Nathalie Sherring of New Me, New You.

A.  ‘A new perspective on my business, exploring aspects of other business that take your head out of your business.  Good humour and company.”  adds Jane Piper of Lotte Lulu.

Q.  Would you recommend THE Entrepreneur Hub to others? If yes why?

A.  “It has a great depth of interest and genuineness, more so than I’ve found with some other networking groups.” says Natalie Haigh of Mercury1 Ltd

A.  “There is nothing else quite like it.  A great forum for new starters or experienced business owners alike.” concurs Richard Mack of RT Promotions Ltd

Q.  What else would you like to add?

A.  “Warmth and intelligence.  The room is filled with interesting & serious, but not boring business people.” enthuses Natalie Haigh, of Mercury1 Ltd

A.  “Laura McHarrie has an immense knowledge of the issues and solutions for Entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their business.” declares Christopher Bayliss of Fast Growth Services.

Carol’s final top tip – do make sure that you elicit permission to use any or all of their comments in your marketing material, which includes identifying them by name and company.

PS – if you are interested in some strategic networking exercises – please find a discounted link to my Udemy course Strategic Networking for the confident networker

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