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Message on a Banana – what would you like to see?

This year FairTrade Fortnight started Monday 23rd February.  The FairTrade campaign asks the BIG Question – What would you like to see?

It’s quite interesting how the laws of attraction work, as it was only Friday last week, that I had a one to one with Gary Seneviratne co founder & director of Adido Ltd.  His other business interest is Nineteen 48, a gemstone business that is both ethical and traceable.  Co-founder, Stuart Pool, also an important business contact, is fast becoming a much sort after gemstone expert.  Gary and I were discussing (in part) how the promotion of FairTrade Gold has started to change the perception of mined commodities. 

With my curiosity stimulated I went in search for other FairTrade products. Of course, we all know about Bananas and Coffee and probably, when we think about it, we know about FairTrade Tea, Chocolate and Sugar.  Now, we know about FairTrade Gold and Gemstones, but what about FairTrade Wine, Cosmetics, Footballs and Nuts?  There are some 4500 different products that embellish the FairTrade mark.

The thing is, they are all products that we love?  (FairTrade Red Wine???? Yay!)  So during FairTrade fortnight let’s make a point to look for the FairTrade Mark.  When you buy any product with the FairTrade Mark on it, you are supporting hardworking farmers and workers improve their lives and their communities. The money they receive from the FairTrade Premium supports better farming, strong cooperatives, investment in local infrastructure and helps communities plan for the future.  That’s got to be a good thing – don’t you think?

Since you can’t write your message on a gemstone – please tell us what you would like the world to look like with a photograph of your message on a FairTrade banana. If you are already a FairTrade fan – tell us on your banana or perhaps you use FairTrade products in your menus?  If so tell us – on your banana …

This is mine …


PS – If you have never written or drawn on a (FairTrade) banana before – you’ll love it!  It’s a brilliant experience!!

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