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Surefire Social Wins

social-media-prismCisco Systems reported the results of a survey they completed last year that businesses that took a strategic and tactical approach to online social networking made an 18% increase in net profits, a favourable comparison to the -6% in profits for those businesses that made no attempt to leverage the power of the online social media.

Those who have used this media well have a high level of social intelligence.  These businesses have shown empathy, listened to their clients, created social cognition, synchrony, presented themselves well, established influence and offered concern.

Here are the nine quick, sure-fire wins.

  1. Set smart measurable achievable, realistic and time based targets or goals.  All business plans or marketing plans should have them.  For the purpose of this you might think about individual campaign goals.
  2. Work out how you’ll measure the success of the online social activity you embark upon.  It is important to recognise the return on the time you invest in this activity.  Investments can go up AND down!  If you are not getting a return on the time you are investing then what do you need to do differently or should you cut your losses or are you getting benefits in other ways.
  3. Know what your customers are buying.  How well do you listen to what is being said?  What picture are you building of the target client.  How much do you know about them?  How good are you at building relationships.
  4. Respond to what people are saying to you.  Shouting at them is not going to make them buy. Walk in the shoes of your audience.  Understanding what they want and offer them solutions.  Recognise the psychological reasons for their buying your offer and include those reasons in your social messages.
  5. Answer questions, give information.  LinkedIn is a wonderful place for the professional to share information freely.
  6. Understand the social environment.  Understand the characters of each social media.  Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to name the three favourites have different personalities and audience behaviours.  March to the same tune as everyone else.
  7. Have a consistent profile and voice for each of your products, for each of your audience and for each of your profiles.
  8. Establish your influence through expertise.  Answer questions, join groups and participate in discussions on LinkedIn.  Get to be a best answer on LinkedIn – it stays on your profile.  There is an active Dorset BusinessXchange members discussion group on LinkedIn if you want to try it out in a safe environment.  Fiona Sutherland has joined a niche group on LinkedIn in the last two weeks that has offered her lots of information.
  9. Don’t stretch yourself too far.  You can only be active in a selective number. Chose the groups carefully.  Above all be interested and interesting, and offer to help whenever you can.

With thanks to Linda Parkinson-Hardman of Internet Mentor for the ideas and inspiration.

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