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Weekly Smile – (TTC #909)

Not being one to brag but … I am quite pleased with my smile this week. This is Skadi who has a pre-density to scratch the the dining room wall paper – (the rest of our rooms are painted). She also quite likes the leather furniture in the lounge. 😏

Getting somewhat desperate, I thought I might tempt her to spend more time in the kitchen and so created an obstacle home. There are play toys including ‘House Mouse’ ‘Turkey Lurkey’ and ‘Flippy’ Fish; for her to play with. To coach (or is that coax?) her to use it I have been plastering it with catnip spray every so often. 😛

It seems though the best bet is to shine a stealthy infrared light on the floor, and/or the crafted kit which she’ll chase until she is quite worn out. 🤗

Post inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile. Please do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

And this post also includes Di’s Monday Three Things Challenge #909 The prompts: BRAG, COACH, STEALTH. Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.


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