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Weekly Smile – (TTC #1000)

Last time, I popped over to Mum’s, I took my life in my hands and ventured into the loft! Dah Dah Dah! She had previously given me some rather nice suit materials and I wanted to find a simple dress pattern. In recognition to ‘she’ who entered it, previously (at their peril); the loft was not “quite” as disorganised, as I had expected. 😆

However, in addition to the four extracted boxes of dress patterns, I garnered three bin bags of materials that had been cut out ready to be sewn into garments. When we mused over the pickings, Mum and I came across a skirt that looked like my size and almost, but not yet, complete. It took me a while to comprehend; why, what and when? Then, it all came flooding back! I’d discarded it in the late 1980’s because the zip was broken. I had just been offered the job as an area manager, for New Look, a significant milestone in my career. I’d abandoned the skirt, in favour of my new (exhausting) job and … the 50% staff discount! 😉

Mum picked it up with a vague promise of sorting it. Thereafter, it remained in her loft for 34 years! Today, I took out that zip, shortened the length and added a button – and now it is ready to come with us on holiday to Ireland. Big achievement – me thinks! 😀

This post includes Di’s Monday Three Things Challenge #1000 The prompts: ACHIEVEMENT
MILESTONE, RECOGNITION. Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.

Post also linked to Trent’s Weekly Smile. Please do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …


  1. I love the skirt!! I never finished a blouse I started at Grammar School (my second year so it would have been 1969) and only got as far as inning the pattern on! I hated the material and found every excuse I could not to complete it. I have no idea what happened to it, honestly!

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