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Nothing’s New Under the Sun – (Weekly Decima & Blogtober #14)

Movie Review of the crass teen flick; 

a dang’rous liaisons rehash. 

Hero climax dies in car crash, 

Saving the proverbial chick. 

“Cruel Intentions” last track’s pick, 

Cost 1 million dollars to serve. 

Somewhat ironic for The Verve

The “Bitter Sweet Symphony” crime, 

Sampled Rolling Stones “The Last Time”. 

But … they stole Staple’s lines – what nerve!


Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

Post prompted by Ronovan’s Weekly Decima Prompt #79 – Verve in the C line. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

Also linking with The Saxophone Player’s Wife #Blogtober troupe, for encouragement!

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