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Tag: JustOneThing

Stay Focussed – Ch#47 (Just one thing)

Drive hard  and fast, focus and pray To find the thing you must support, With purpose, passion and purport. Then you’ll be delighted to stay Despite all the fracas and […]

Educate Ch#43 – (Just one thing)

The agent of change, Is the best education, For third-world children.   For third-world children, Part with what money you can, To meet their dire need.   To meet their […]

Intent – Ch#35 (Just one thing)

Whatever you do, do it with firm intent, Not with abuse, nor rants, nor indignant shouts; A whisper can reach more, with your argument, The wrongful detention – no trial; […]

Stay Strong – Ch#32 (Just one thing)

Observe, in the mirror, her refection, A woman … black … moreover … awarded. Ignoring, the barbed jibes, of rejection, Not rising, to assumptions, afforded. “Conservatory” arts well, rewarded This […]

Self as Agent – Ch#29 (Just one thing)

Let none destruct you – The sense of having a self, Is yours to define. (Haiku) Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels Chapter 29 – Summary from the Wisdom of Nitin Sawhney The […]

Practice – Ch#22: (Just one thing)

Nurture your talent, Analyze every detail – Minutiae even, Then, practice, practice, practice, And practice – just a bit more. (Tanka) Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels Chapter 22 – Summary from the […]

Share Ch#18: (Just one thing)

Take life in your hands, Don’t waste a single moment – Share with those you love. (Haiku) PS – spookily … chapter 18 lands on the 18th July 2020, which […]

Positivity Ch#16: (Just one thing)

Getting stotious is good for the soul at times, Likewise, a tiddely wallow, does no harm, For goodness sake, be quick to snap out of it, Because, being positive has […]

Be BOLD (Ch#12: Just one thing)

The Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Is famous for Internet stocks, Take action, be bold; Not all turns to gold, Try hard to think, outside the box. (Limerick) Photo by Juhasz Imre from Pexels […]

Be TRUE (Ch#11: Just One Thing)

Be curious and somewhat shrewd, Chase anything worth your betting, Keep knocking until you’re let in, Stay focussed, direct, but not crude, Not keeping in touch would be rude.   […]

SOLIDARITY (Ch#10: Just one thing)

Let not privileged power, That wishes us to cower, And stop human rights align. When yours are the same as mine.   Stand up, be counted, be strong, Speak out, […]

LISTEN – (Ch#9: Just one thing)

Get good at listening, learn things you don’t already know, You don’t have to be brainy to make it, Listen to brainy people! (Tanka) Photo by jonas mohamadi from Pexels Chapter 9 – […]

Tell Me WHY (Ch#8: Just one thing)

Pursue with passion those ah moments, Or the horrors that really make you cry, Then, find the others who know how you feel, And together you will tell the world […]

Be CURIOUS (Ch#7: Just one thing)

Curiosity! – Don’t just ask, look and listen, Taste, feel, sniff, and smell.   Use all your senses To seek many answers with – Curiosity! (Haikus) Photo by FOX from Pexels Chapter 7 […]

Lust V. Love (Ch#6: Just one thing)

Lust Passionate, Insatiable Exciting, Liberating, Shaming Intimacy is the Balance Doting, Adoring, Caring Romantic, Personal Love (Diamante) Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels Chapter 6 – Summary from the Wisdom of Esther Perel […]

Into the WIND (Ch#5 Just one thing)

What the hell is work-life balance? It’s like ‘peeing’ into the wind, Such nonsense, so it should be binned, Instead, make the most of your talents, Robustly, building, valiance,   […]

FOCUS Fully – (Ch#2: Just one thing)

Focus! Welcome the pain. Commit to what you chose, In the name of performance art … Fully! (Cinquain) Photo from Pexel Chapter 2 – Summary from the Wisdom of Marina […]

SEE & Listen – (Ch#1: Just one thing)

Let’s see everyone, We’ve all had parts in this play – Then, let us listen. (Haiku) Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Chapter 1 – Summary from the Wisdom of Bill Clinton The Post […]