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Tag: Blogtober 2021

Kindness? (Tanka Tuesday + Blogtober #29)

Much empathy from A good and generous heart, Will give kids Candy On a wet and windy night, Knowing they salute Samhain. (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. […]

Easily Amused- (One-Liner Wed + Blogtober#27)

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  Jennifer Niven, Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt “Easily Amused” – Do click through for the rules if you, too, would like […]

Shrooms – (Weekly Haiku Prompt & Blogtober #26)

Grimble Gromble finds Something new among the pots –  Shrooms shrooms the Gnome croons (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #381 – Gnome/Pots. Click through for the rules, if you […]

Unbelievable – (Blogtober #23)

Orange Hunters Moon Truly unbelievable – Hanging in darkness (Haiku) Also linking with The Saxophone Player’s Wife #Blogtober troupe, for encouragement! Advertisements

Twilight Hue (Tanka Tuesday + Blogtober #16)

Glorious gloaming, Masks the darker undertone, In the midst of night, Meantime autumnal colours, Blaze bright belying what’s next. (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. This week we’re […]

Three Wishes (6SS + Blogtober #15)

If you had three wishes,  How would you use them –  Rewind that video, erase the harsh words?  The screech of Raven birds,  That echo; echo.  -o0o- Perhaps you’ll imagine, […]

Politics – (One-Liner Wed + Blogtober)

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.” (Ernest Benn) Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday […]

No Word of a Lie (Monday Limerick)

Bank account is empty – don’t know why, There’s no wine on this diet to buy, Not being funny It costs more money – For ‘super foods’ and that is […]

Family Life (Blogtober #5)

Banana for breakfast, Egg and avocado for lunch, Chicken potato soup, With roast carrot croutons to crunch. Healthy eating may not … Suit family life – just my hunch! PS […]

Christmas Shopping (Blogtober #3)

Boyfriend’s downstairs mincing and chopping, Determined we should not be stopping; Sorting menus to dine With no glass of red wine – (Sigh) Guess it’s time to start Christmas Shopping! […]