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Category: Non-Exec and Board Mentoring

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

The Beatles, pop group of the 1960s swooned …. “I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright.  I’ll get you anything my friend if it makes […]

Yuletide – The Longest Night

The title strikes to the deepest fear of any insomniac.  Regardless of the varied reasons for sleep deprivation, the extra hour in bed that we get when the clocks go […]

The Chaos Crisis

Your entrepreneurial spirit is on  overdrive and you have that many ideas for business growth that you don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps your Mission is that big, that bold […]

The Tough Get Cash

When the going gets tough … the tough get cash!  This is a blog post I wrote in 2008. Thought it was worth resurrecting in the event of the last […]

Robert’s Rules of Order

In the last 9 months I have been involved in a number of political (small p) meetings where Robert’s Rules of Order have been applied.  Whilst I have been to […]

The Flip Side of Passion

Can you remember having to do your job with one hand tied behind your back?  I bet it was one of the reasons you chose to ‘go it alone’? Run […]

The Perfect Storm – Storytelling #2

Christmas 1997, I helicoptered into the best year of Excel Clothing’s 10 year history.  Full of excitement at taking on my new role as Managing Director of this successful ladies […]

Create Your Business Vision

The vision statement defines the longer term aspirations for your business.  The aspirations should inspire the people you work with, whether that is staff or supplier or investors.  It is […]

Be Prepared to Exit – Strategies

At some point you are going to leave your business.  Will you sell it and live on a yacht somewhere sunny? Will you retire graceful and leave it to your […]

Make Time for Passion – Management

You can’t make more time.  There are only 1440 minutes in every day.  Fact – no more, no less. It’s not what you’ve got … it’s what you do with […]

Outsourcing the Way Forward

As a business owners, incorporated or not, in the early growth years we wear many hats, in addition to the technical one that brings the money in and pays the […]

Flawed Boards or Sounding Boards

The credit crunch crisis … Should the directors of the banking institutions have seen it coming?  Of course they should!  Questioning and recording the question is the right and a […]

Generation WHY?

You can’t tell Generation Y to do something without explaining why. I had no idea how long this idea has been in the public domain but I had never come […]

Bold Goals

Probably the most famous of Bold Goals has to be JF Kennedy’s landing a man on the moon and returning him to earth safely by the end of the decade.  A […]

Aristotle on Business Values

In my last blog – The Community Footprint – we looked at values as a pivotal to the ethics of your business.  The WessexFM story proves that business comes from […]

Collaborate, Cluster, Collude

This is about establishing a partnering arrangement – aka co-operatives, strategic alliances, joint ventures, teaming Up, collaborations.cluster and/or conspiring … 1. Find the Right Partner In addition to looking for […]

Business Clarity; Business Focus

Whether you think you need a business plan or not, having a clear definition of what you are delivering and how you do that helps with business clarity and focus. […]

Inside the E-Type

  A Post-Script on Business Vision. Until recently I had never recognised my intuition or gut feelings.  This is because I was born an ‘analytic’.  I learned to be ‘dynamic’ […]

Excited by your Vision?

Question – Are you still excited by the vision for your business? It’s a big question that has plagued me personally, in the last three months.  It has been an […]

Best Laid Plans and all That!

I have had the most brilliant January having announced my going solo and receiving tremendous applause from my client base. Thank you – I love you too! And just about […]

If you don’t ask …

If you don’t ask …You don’t get; won’t get but more importantly in business if your business connections don’t know what you want, you can’t possibly get. Rudyard Kipling oft […]

The Doughnut Principle

According to Tori Amos; “You’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole” I think this is something that Charles Handy would not only smile at but probably concur. In his book, […]