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Tag: National Poetry Month

Contemplation – (Tanka Tuesday#221)

Take a look around If you ever feel hopeless No need to go far Bliss is there to discover On mindful contemplation (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge […]

Driving Home – (Tanka Tuesday#220)

For utmost impact Make sure you’re exact, Keep words both simple and clear. To drive a point home In full monochrome; You need to be ‘quite’ austere. -o0o- A spelling […]

April Showers

After April’s wrath – Fleeting sun; bitter showers; May comforts with warmth. (Haiku) Tis also Day 2 of National Poetry Writing Month …

Top Gear – (Six Sentence Story #153)

Tis comfortable to be in cruise control, But do take note of complacency creep. Keep a keen look out for that darn pothole, That’ll swallow you in a micro-sleep. -o0o- […]