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A Season of Goodwill

I had a strange day yesterday.  I drove for an hour to a networking breakfast without my purse.  Staring forlornly at the Full English being served and desperate for a black coffee, my first hero of the day, Dan Tout took out a tenner and relieved my discomfort.


I popped in on my way home to visit a friend in need of a hug.  I dropped my phone. It smashed.

I wasn’t planning a trip into town but I’ve met the charming Fone World hero, James, several times!!  Today he was on his own, and obviously busy. He suggested a screen saver which he duly fitted alongside the new screens front and back.  When I realised at home that I hadn’t paid him for the screen saver I phoned with my card to pay and apologise.  He was so delighted that I’d bothered to make contact that he gifted the screen-saver.

Finally, I often listen to TED Talks during the night when I cannot sleep and came across this one.  It made me laugh.  So I thought I’d share the story of the shoes with you …. Tiny things do matter – don’t they?

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you!


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