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David Bowie is … Interpretive Reading #5


For the purpose of this project, Laura McHarrie, self-confessed, Bowie-obsessed, fan from the age of 15 has chosen Tilda Swinton’s after dinner speech at the opening of ‘David Bowie is’. The exhibition has proved to be one of the most popular exhibitions in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s history. Moreover, Tilda Swinton’s contemporary speech has been voted as one of the top 100 speeches given by women ever. With this project entitled ‘David Bowie is’ please welcome Laura McHarrie

“All the nicest possible freaks are here” – I guess you can open an exhibition at the V&A with a statement like that when you are Tilda Swinton, and the exhibition is celebrating your famous friend David Bowie.  After all, the audience is likely to be an ardent fan with one or two streaks of freak in him.  Mr Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters you may not be much of a Bowie fan yourself, but I defy you not to have been touched by his musical persona at some point over the decades.  Enough of the subject and back to the project.

I have chosen this contemporary and unusual oratory, as I think it has some creative nuances that are worth evaluating for future introductions of our own. 

Let me hand the floor over to Tilly … so you can see what you think

So what did you think?

How did unusual prop of the letter allow her to connect with the absent honoree?  How did she confess her own story to bridge the gap between honoree and audience?  And how did she engage the audience in her opening and leave them with something to think about?

A different/later speech from Tilda …


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