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The Chaos Crisis


Your entrepreneurial spirit is on  overdrive and you have that many ideas for business growth that you don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps your Mission is that big, that bold and that audacious that you too don’t know how you might get there?


Here is a terrific template, that I have used with businesses for many years that may help you create some sense from the chaos and aid decision making.

If you have that many ideas for business development, try writing them down on separate post it notes then looking at the five step plan start to place the ideas in the most appropriate phase.  This is not a five year plan as each step may be longer or shorter than the former and therefore may not necessarily fit a 365 day schedule.

Aligning Resources for Growth.001

The great thing about using post it notes is that you can easily group the ideas or move them into a different phase.

If you know what your destination looks like then you may prefer to work from step five back to now. If you prefer to work with pictures you can do that too with with aid of a prit stick.

Too many ideas in your head will distract you from what you need to do today.  But because they are too important you don’t want to forget them.  By record the idea for action when the time is right and you have the resources to implement them, then you can let go of the immediate distraction to concentrate on building the resources you need.

And now to the most important bits!  Column three asks you to record those resources that you need to turn your ideas or visions into reality at each step.  Column four asks you to apply a financial implication to it.  When you start to work out what you need to get to the next phase you may find you need to move some of your ideas or tasks to a different step in the scheme.

Please note!  You may find some of your ideas don’t really fit into the 5 step plan at all.

There is a how to video on Greiner/s Growth Strategies where we put this template to use.  If you are interested … Have a go!  It’s very therapeutic.  Let me know if you do and how you get on.

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