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Dynamic Duos (Discover prompt #9 – PAIRS)

I am a big fan of podcaster, Hrishikesh Hirway. I first got hooked on his work when he paired up with Joshua Malina. Together they commentated on episodes of the West Wing, weekly.  Then, I found Song Exploder, where he interviews musicians who share the story of how one of their hits evolved from conception to composition.

Now, I’m addicted to Hrishi’s latest podcast themed, Partners.  This time he has paired up with Mailchimp to produce a series featuring different kinds of partnerships—business, romantic, and of course creative. Each show paints a portrait of two people who have pooled their talents to create something stronger than each could have done individually.  They share how they met and what it took to make their ‘marriage’ work.

There are many famous dynamic duos, who have delivered something more remarkable than either could have done individually.  

From a business, perspective think … Hewlett & Packard, Ben & Jerry, Allen & Gates.  From an artistic perspective think … Morecambe & Wise, Laurel & Hardy, Ant & Dec. From a musical perspective think … Elton & Bernie, Rice & Lloyd Webber, Richard & Karen Carpenter

Do share your favourites below?

Now is a perfect time to consider how we might each pair up. Working collaboratively generates the kind of energy that fuels growth, innovation, and creativity; because after lockdown we need to come out fighting and … together we are stronger.  

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  1. I have been following all your responses to the discover prompts. I’ve enjoyed reading them all as much as I’ve enjoyed responding to them as well. I’ve nominated you for an award. Please check my blog for more information.


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