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The Flip Side of Passion

Can you remember having to do your job with one hand tied behind your back?  I bet it was one of the reasons you chose to ‘go it alone’? Run your own business or if you aren’t yet; you are seriously thinking about it?

The flip side of passion is frustration and a serious cost of not giving your employees the resources to do their work properly.  You see it everywhere, that frustration, don’t you?

People who love their jobs if only they could just get on with it.  People who are good at their jobs or would be if they were given; appropriate training, the ICT equipment that works, a framework or budget that they can make appropriate decisions within. 

I was once told by a previous boss in an annual appraisal, that I was very ‘emotional’.  Interesting! There I was thinking I was very passionate about my brilliant job which I loved. While your jolly good employees are voicing their dissatisfaction, you as a business, are blessed. You know that their passion for the work is still in tact.  Just …

The number of times I have heard friends and acquaintances bemoan the wasted money on new tools, training, systems and processes that just won’t work, it’s a shame.  Still worse are the many, who shrug their shoulders and mutter – “Laura; that’s just the way things are around here.”

Whilst this mentality helps mitigate the individual’s stress levels, it hardly makes for that productive innovative workforce we need for sustained economic growth.  It is also a shame that in an era of Big Data, we can’t yet use it (Big Data) to avoid situations where we just don’t have the ‘right’ resources to do our work well. You’d think we’d be able to compare the market and cross reference the alternative options – wouldn’t you? 


Agreed, it is not easy to manage people who are frustrated.  So keep them informed, explain what you can do and then do it. Give them an appropriate power framework (information) to make their own decisions.  Above all give them the very best resources (often information) you can afford, to manage the business. 

As I explained to this boss of mine, “The flip side of passion is  frustration; so be pleased.  When I go quiet, I’m looking for another job!”  

So don’t skimp on the communication – after all – the only difference between a kiss and that pout is the big bottom lip!

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