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On True North – (Tanka Tuesday #211)

When the vision inspires,

And you can see True North,

It’s easy to set forth –

On the journey


Photo by Shakhawat Shaon from Pexels

This post is inspired by Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #211. This week we are on poet’s choice. Colleen also encouraged us to try using the form Abhanga (written in any number of 4 line stanzas, syllabic, 6-6-6-4 syllables each, with L2 and L3 rhyming.

Do click through on the link for the rules, if you too would like to join in.


  1. Ah… maybe I just didn’t see the (click here for) comments on that last post I visited.
    In some places a compass doesn’t work. Too much metal in the ground. There’s one place that is supposed to be haunted that makes compass needles go crazy. Probably a few I would guess. Just remember moss grows on the north side of trees – if you are ever lost in a forest.

    I also did a quad of this form here: Fowl Mouth?

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