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Tag: Decima

Swing (Weekly Decima Prompt #26)

“Now … it’s time to sort out that swing, I tell you, you’re lifting your head” The golf pro, desperately pled. “Loosen your wrists, that is the thing … To […]

Gin – (Weekly Decima Challenge #25)

Twas an 18th century sin, And a London gal’s undoing, In other words; mothers ruin, Cheap as chips in tavern and inn. Yet Holland’s the birthplace of gin, Their soldiers […]

Fall – (Weekly decima challenge #23)

To the Summer we bid farewell, Whilst waving hello to the Fall. When kaleidoscope hues enthral Halloween weaves its wicked spell. Bellies of seas and dark lakes swell, That final […]

Tip – A flash fiction, decima

After years of renting it out, Our house was in need of repair, Ready cash was required, no doubt, Imposs on a wing and a prayer … Deposit? What’s that […]

Just Smile – Ch#58 (Just one thing)

Look at these cute and crazy kids, They’ll soon be monster, pouting, teens, Ignoring what the world forbids, Wishing they ‘so’ weren’t from OUR genes. Wild hormones ensure counter-bids. Their […]

Stay Focussed – Ch#47 (Just one thing)

Drive hard  and fast, focus and pray To find the thing you must support, With purpose, passion and purport. Then you’ll be delighted to stay Despite all the fracas and […]

Advice? – Ch#46 (Just one thing)

Before you pass on your best advice, Step in the shoes of the other, Know what their ambition is, And from where they have come, What are they wrestling? When […]

The Prize Ch#39 – (Just one thing)

Set aside the Auschwitz wallow, Make the most of what you have got, When one slice of bread is your lot, Eat slowly, savor, each swallow, And, save a bit, […]

No Regrets Ch#19: (Just one thing)

Don’t hear voices that say we can’t Recover from adversity, Climb over disability. And so, let not those seeds take plant; Instead, look for thoughts that enchant.   I was […]

Be TRUE (Ch#11: Just One Thing)

Be curious and somewhat shrewd, Chase anything worth your betting, Keep knocking until you’re let in, Stay focussed, direct, but not crude, Not keeping in touch would be rude.   […]

Into the WIND (Ch#5 Just one thing)

What the hell is work-life balance? It’s like ‘peeing’ into the wind, Such nonsense, so it should be binned, Instead, make the most of your talents, Robustly, building, valiance,   […]