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Tag: Decima

Pride – (Weekly Decima)

Be proud of what you do and toast, All those who’ve helped you on your way … Opening every closed gateway; Commend what you do well, and boast. Beware others […]

Gossip – (Weekly Decima Prompt #63)

When you chatter n’er do natter, Share idle tattle nor rumour; Diss with just that smidge of humour. Entrust Town Criers to scatter.  Relevant news that doth matter. Whilst you […]

Blow – (Weekly Decima Prompt #62)

When dreaming big takes breath away, Anxiety melds with self-doubt, Just how, you will bring it about. Thinking you could never allay, Resists your making bold headway … Detailing each […]

Wake – (Weekly Decima Prompt #61)

Flotsam and jetsam could disturb, Whatever follows in your wake. It would be good not to mistake Those gems, (that had seemed quite superb), May well shift, switch, and so […]

Revolution? – (Weekly Decima Prompt #51)

Honour culture has claimed its cause. For many a millennia Males led the differentia. A ‘duel’ would resolve the flaws, Countless lives were lost – just because. Then rule of […]

Negotiate – (Weekly Decima Prompt #50)

Prepare, so as not to be floored, Consider the alternate view, If you are seeking to breakthrough The zone of potential accord. Look for what each might afford, To lessen […]

Start! – (Weekly Decima Prompt #45)

You’ve a great idea; take heart, Don’t listen to that niggling doubt; Check whether it has any clout. If research looks good on the chart, Don’t wait, take a step, […]

When – (Weekly Decima Prompt #42)

There are times when it’s good to smile, When a man talks deep to his son, About what he’s lost and he’s won; That fight fought for every mile. -o0o- […]

Float – (Weekly Decima Prompt)

When things that surround us get grim, It’s not so attractive to gloat, That – we are more able to float, When the lights for others go dim. It’s not […]

Nativity – (Weekly Decima Prompt #36)

Wiping salty tears from their eyes, Parents chortled, snorted and sniffed, At – what was a glorious gift; Their little ones dressed in disguise. Mary, Joseph, three men so wise, […]

Stable – (Weekly Decima Prompt #34)

We’re getting close to Solstice night, We have in store a wondrous treat, When Jupiter and Saturn meet, And offer us a superb sight. This shortest day oft tries our […]

Occult Vault – (Weekly Decima Prompt)

Kismet, fluke, chance, luck or karma, Maybe it’s destiny or fate? On the occult or mystic state, To excuse all of life’s drama, That knocks off kilter, our dharma. Tis […]

Bliss – (Decima Challenge #27)

The cat is in absolute bliss. A mouse in catatonic state, Awaiting its foreboding fate, … Its inners about to dehisce, Hoping a ‘bored’ cat will dismiss. When the mog […]

Swing (Weekly Decima Prompt #26)

“Now … it’s time to sort out that swing, I tell you, you’re lifting your head” The golf pro, desperately pled. “Loosen your wrists, that is the thing … To […]