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Tag: networking

Clubs and Camaraderie

A few weeks ago I went to the pub for breakfast, dressed in this year’s Lion’s gear. We were supporting England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the battle for the […]

Top Networking Tips

Like it or not, we network all the time.  From the moment we stepped over the school ground threshold we started building relationships.  We continue to do so through college, […]

A Season of Goodwill

I had a strange day yesterday.  I drove for an hour to a networking breakfast without my purse.  Staring forlornly at the Full English being served and desperate for a […]

You Had Me At Hello – WOM marketing

Word of mouth marketing for most businesses is the single most effective part of their marketing plan.  It’s why most of us go networking.  However, it takes time to affect […]

Best Laid Plans and all That!

I have had the most brilliant January having announced my going solo and receiving tremendous applause from my client base. Thank you – I love you too! And just about […]

Prospecting for Gold

If gold could be found lying on the surface, everyone would pick it up. The fact is that you need to dig for it, sometimes deeper than you may want […]

What’s in a name?

Valery Coburn gave a wonderful seven minute Toastmasters speech on how important your name is.  Her take on this was that your given full name was very powerful in terms […]

Trust? – A question of leadership

It’s a small word with huge consequences. It is incorporated commonly in the networking phase that people do business with those they know, like and trust.  Yet, I have been […]

High Touch Relationships

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and so what better time to consider how we build, develop and maintain the important relationships in our lives.  Whether these are business or personal […]