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A little R&R goes a long way

I went to Crete this year.  It was extremely warm for September, bright blue cloudless skies and myriad mosquitos.  Boyfriend and I decided that we needed to rest and recuperate after what has been a fairly demanding year.  Most often we vacation on a self organised tour of some description with a two-man tent.  This year we felt the need to veg.  And so to Crete.

For someone who has a portfolio income and who doesn’t work a nine to five week – you might think that my work/life balance is pretty much perfect.  Especially as I can fit it around the working week of Boyfriend who suffers a contractive shift pattern at the beck and call of HMPS.

At 55 I am surprised that I’d like to take things a little easier.  I never thought that I would feel like that, even five years ago.  Although I did know that some of the corporate jobs I had in the past were not physically sustainable.  Those 50,000 miles a year and 80 hour weeks can be done reasonably well for a short period of time, but not for ever. 

Sometimes, I reflect back on those days and wonder why those posh hotel vacations had any attraction.  We met people that we had nothing in common with.  We ate rich food and drank expensive wine that we didn’t really enjoy THAT much.

Those long haul holidays paid for, by the long haul working hours are no longer necessary.  A two man tent in a site near Glastonbury where you can shake off your shoes, feel the grass between your toes and listen to the rain on the canvas at night has much more value. 

The body however, at 55 doesn’t bend as well as it used to and the need for a wee in the middle of the night can prove to be a bit of a palaver.  So we might need to upgrade next year after all.  A four man tent would do quite nicely!


This one looks fun!

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