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The Priority Matrix

A useful method of planning your use of time is with a Priority Matrix.  This depends on two criteria:

Urgency; a job with a fixed deadline.  The close the deadline the more urgent the task

Importance; something that has a major impact on your job or which you put a high value on.

Business Priorities.001

The exclamation square covers jobs, which are both urgent and important.  These jobs tend to get done but the danger of tight deadlines and the need to finish the job means that they may not get done well.  More often tasks move into this square because the tasks in other squares haven’t been properly planned for action. This is the crisis square.

The money square covers the tasks, which are important but not urgent. Because these tasks tend to be quite big items without a deadline, there is a danger they will not get done even though they are important.  This is the proactive square. Quite often you can break tasks down in this square into small bite sized activities and outsource or delegate them so that they do get done.

The asterisk square coves the jobs that are urgent but not all that financially important.  They tend to get done because of the urgency but there is a danger that management spends too much time on them.  This is the manic square.  Many of the tasks in this square could and should be delegated or outsourced.

The question mark square covers the jobs that are neither important nor urgent.  They are usually pleasant distractions.  The danger is that the more time we spend active in this square the less we have for the more important money earning tasks.  This is the procrastination square.  But the items can often be the great ideas that are worth storing for future consideration, when the time is right to move them into the proactive square.

If you would like to have a go you can request The Business Priorities Template here”

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