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Going Public in Dorset – High Performance Leadership part I

Laura McHarrie has chosen this Contest to deliver the first of two speeches in relation to her High Performance Leadership Project.  As its name suggests, the aim is for the Toastmaster to assume a leadership role in their selected project.  In this speech we are going to hear what her vision is and what she would like to accomplish with our support.  With her speech entitles Going Public in Dorset, please welcome, Area Director,  Laura McHarrie.

How many of you of you wonder why it is when you mention you are a Toastmaster, nobody has heard of it? Or they quote My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen and then chuckle!

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if one day we wake up on a sunny Sunday like today and the whole of Dorset knew that Toastmasters Learning is THE answer to world peace?  Nice thought!  The title and purpose of this particular project that I have chosen could help us get somewhere towards that bigger picture.  But before I explain the project, I need to tell you about Billy.


At the moment, she is metaphorically sitting on her bar stool with a shot in one hand and her head in the other.  We’ll call her Billy No Mates for the purpose of this story, because that’s how she feels.  Billy started out with high enthusiasm and high expectations in her new role as Vice President of Public Relations for her club. But soon found it was the loneliest job in the world.

The club success plan wants her to get eight new members.  To do that she needs to have 16 guess come for a second time. To get 16 guests to come a second time she needs 24  visitors to come for a first time. To get 24 visitors to come for a first time she needs 48 warm leads.  48 warm leads to get eight new members, that’s a lora lora leads.

She took over the Facebook page, set up a Twitter account and she posts all the things she finds on the Internet when she has the time.  She started out with some great ideas but three months in and she’s run out of stories and run out of energy.  Sitting her at the bar, Billy thinks borbon is her only friend.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

There are myriad mini moments every day when you can let Billy know she is not alone.  I believe that Tiny Things Matter and that every little thing counts.  How can you help?  Every meeting you take a role or deliver a speech who are you telling?  This is not a job for the Internet Savvy.  This is about chatting to your neighbour, mentioning it to your friends or colleagues or at a networking event perhaps.  Carry leaflets around and make a point of leaving one behind after you’d had coffee or better still your Toastmaster magazine! Could you put up a poster somewhere – just the one on your local telegraph pole?

Then what about social media?  Every meeting has the opportunity to capture the excitement of the best speakers, the best Table Topics and the best evaluators – what about a quote to go with the pictures? Like and sharing is easy for the internet savvy.

The purpose therefore of the high performance leadership is to provide support and momentum for our Billy No Mates to help them spread the word.  We will create a platform, a platform where we can share the tools, stories and templates that all VPPRs can use to spread the word about Toastmasters our fabulous learning and support network.    

Hands up if you can share one thing, or do one thing on this list?

Brilliant!  Let’s now, in the words of Jean Gamester, District Director, Let us Grow and Be Strong!

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