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Pit Stop! A Toastmaster Area Director’s diary

We are now a third of the way through our time as leaders of the Dorset Toastmasters clubs.  How do you think we are doing? 

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking – there is still so much to do!  The summit is still so far away. 

I’d like to quote Doug Pigg the immediate past president of Casterbridge Speakers, who with head in hands declared at this point … ‘we are never going to make it!’ 

The thing is that there is still two thirds of our tenure to go and … as pointed out to Doug, at this time last year, when he was the president of Casterbridge Speakers with no points. “Don’t give up now!”  He didn’t and became the president of a President’s Distinguished Club, that June.  If you want to know his story – just ask him!

There is one essential skill to leading a Toastmaster club or any club/project/event and that is the ability to communicate well. 


That’s not just that we can stand up and deliver a speech but find confidence in our voice to engage people, to raise the bar in our clubs and our members abilities.  It’s about finding the voice to provide supportive yet challenging feedback to our members.  It’s about engaging every member to take small steps to support our communities. 

After all; we ‘belong’ to Toastmasters – don’t we? If we belong we need to play a small part its success.  We can’t assume that the clubs will survive with the actions of a few.  We all need to do our bit. Sometimes the leaders need to take some decisive actions; actions that might disturb the happy equilibrium of those that want to coast!  

However, those that take the time to hone their communication skills as a leader are better public speakers than those who are there to put on a show. 

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