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Empowering your staff with business intelligence

Free Training Needs Analysis!

In a recent review 43% of people who leave their jobs cite their ineffective manager as the reason.  That’s huge!  Since the value of most businesses is in the knowledge and skills of its employees, managers need to consider how they empower employees to be most effective.  This means reviewing the systems and processes to ensure staff have the tools and resources to do the work.  Then hone their own interpersonal skills to develop talent and inspire results.


Here is your starting point:

  1. Recruit the right people for your business

  2. Induct new employees really well

  3. Create highly motivated people and team

  4. Analyse business intelligence for effective decision making

  5. Become a solution provider and a problem solver

  6. Hold effective meetings

  7. Reward good work or take corrective action


The Training Needs Analysis is the starting point to any organisational review of skills within the business.  It’s important to look at what skills you are currently using what skills you will need in the future and what hidden skills your teams may have.

Many issues will arise if managers and teams do not have the resources to do the work well.  All the training in the world will not create pillars of success if the foundations are rocky. So where do you start?

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Once you have completed the training needs analysis you may be entitled to a further FREE Skype Session to explore how you build a Training Plan.


This is what Brian Frost – Managing Director of  Applied Relay Testing Ltd said …

“Laura is a passionate educator and trainer with original ideas and staying power. I would recommend her very highly.”


Get your FREE Training Needs Analysis Template here:

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