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Tag: Strategic Networking

Top Networking Tips

Like it or not, we network all the time.  From the moment we stepped over the school ground threshold we started building relationships.  We continue to do so through college, […]

You Had Me At Hello – WOM marketing

Word of mouth marketing for most businesses is the single most effective part of their marketing plan.  It’s why most of us go networking.  However, it takes time to affect […]

Collaborate, Cluster, Collude

This is about establishing a partnering arrangement – aka co-operatives, strategic alliances, joint ventures, teaming Up, collaborations.cluster and/or conspiring … 1. Find the Right Partner In addition to looking for […]

Surefire Social Wins

Cisco Systems reported the results of a survey they completed last year that businesses that took a strategic and tactical approach to online social networking made an 18% increase in […]

The Five Minute Bio – a Toastmasters Speech (3)

The well-written biography is a fundamental marketing tool for all professionals, whether you are employed or self-employed.  Its power is all too frequently overlooked.  Let me reiterate the why.  Most people […]

101 LinkedIn – Online Marketing

I have just reached 101 direct connections on LinkedIn. That means I am one removed from two thousand connections and three removed from 375,000. LinkedIn is an online social community – […]