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Bananas in my Golf Bag

It sounds like it should be a metaphor and potentially one given to us by Harvey Taylor of the Chicken in my Lingerie Drawer fame.  Don’t you think?

Actually; bananas in my golf bag was the basis of a dream I had last night and its vividness came back to me this afternoon, whilst spookily, I was playing 9 holes in the January murk.  I remember that there were two large bunches of under-ripe Fifes and an exceedingly mushy, almost black one which had obviously been in the bottom of the bag for some time.


Of course, everyone knows that bananas are complex carbohydrates and especially recommended for any self respecting athlete.  I, however, am hardly renowned for my golfing prowess or indeed any sporting endeavour, so why I dreamt about bananas in my golf bag, I have no idea.

Maybe it was a prompt that, as a diabetic, I would benefit from many of the attributes that fresh bananas would bring to my physical wellbeing, keeping my muscles and brain hydrated.  Maybe it was a prompt that bananas can help with seasonal affective disorder, help you relax, prompt sleep, improve your mood, and calm your nervous system.  Or maybe it was a metaphor for all of those top banana ideas I have for future work streams and how I should act now before they age, go black and lose many of their immediate benefits.

If you would care to add your analysis of the dream feel free … but only if it is all in the best possible taste.

PS – have you ever tried drawing on a banana?  It’s great fun!

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