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Tag: Impromptu Speaking


Here’s hoping that I am out the other side of a blog block period!  It’s been going on for a couple of months now.  It’s not that I don’t have […]

Love is just a four letter word? Is it an endearment – or just another profanity do you think? When you hit your thumb with a hammer the natural tendency is to shock the world with […]


Today I have had the honour of knowing the best of true friendship.  I don’t need to mention those by name as they will know who they are.  And this […]

Ziggy Stardust – The Writer’s Way

Ziggy was the faithful servant of Pasch, an Egyptian Cat goddess and protector of children and all cats of course. Most often, Ziggy could be found curled up beneath the […]

The Black Hole – The Writer’s Way

My heart is pounding! I am sitting in this rather large, black, leather chair. It has arms, but it is not an arm-chair. It swivels a bit like a computer desk […]

A Portrait in Time – The Writer’s Way

Slowly; so very slowly she opens her eyes. In contrast she darts a glance around her. Had anyone noticed the passion that had suddenly and uncontrollably coursed through her body? […]

Honouring Connor – The Writer’s Way

Part One Connor was born prematurely. He had been plucked unceremoniously from a horse chestnut tree one gusty pre autumnal night and now he lay nestled among the tired hand-like […]

Purple Musings – The Writer’s Way

Purple it’s such a majestic colour. It’s the colour of Edward de Bono’s riding boots – one of six styles of shoe that describes the way one takes action in […]