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Tag: idiom

Fruit Flies – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #405)

The bane of my life; I attack with bare knuckles – What’s it with fruit flies? (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #405 – BARE & FRUIT – Click through […]

Pointless – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #404)

Use your eyes – Stop plowing the sand, Tis pointless. (Lune) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #404 – SAND & EYES – Click through for the rules, if you […]

Take it Back? – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #399)

Take care not to pan, When delivering feedback – A bell can’t unring. (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #399 PAN/BELL– Click through for the rules, if you too, […]

Cheek! – (Monday Limerick #15)

Gardener George was so proud of his leek, So very proud, he could hardly speak, He entered the contest Got beat by the bestest, And so had to turn his […]

Gold – (Monday Limerick #9)

Tom is both determined and bold, His aim is to go for … just gold, He knows not to stop When reaching for top: Each step is rewarded ninefold! (Limerick) […]

Scorch – (Monday Limerick #59)

There once was a comic called Brian, Whose wit was as hot as an iron, His words could scorch Like a blowtorch;Withal … he was more lamb – than lion! […]

Smile – (Monday Limerick #59)

There is this sweet, little girl called Inga,She has a face upon which to linger,Her beautiful smileWill often beguile,And twist you around her pinky finger! (Limerick) Post inspired by Esther […]

Bliss – (Monday Limerick #59)

There is this young farmer called Chris, The news, he would always dismiss, One hot sunny day Sparks burn down his hay; Ignorance is not always bliss! (Limerick) Post inspired […]

Swinging the Lead

An idiom that has some merits perhaps? It describes somebody who avoids work by giving the appearance of toiling but not actually doing anything significant. Its origins are in naval […]

Ladies who Lunch

Now you need to know that I am on holiday this week so you must allow me a little leeway in my thought meanderings on this little idiom. This stopping […]