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Presenting an independent review of your project

Free project evaluation assessment!

Research and evaluation are the processes used to collect business information for the purpose of making business decisions. The purpose of research is to prove the validity of a project or programme.  Whilst the purpose of evaluating is to improve. It involves making a judgement set against what the original purpose of a project or programme. Business managers conduct research and/or evaluations for many reasons but primarily to:


Here is your starting point:

  1. Specify the purpose of the research or evaluation

  2. Verify the internal information, data and statistics

  3. Conduct secondary desk research

  4. Complete primary research surveys

  5. Analyse and evaluate results

  6. Report the findings with opportunities and suggestions

  7. Create an action plan


Whilst most know that they should research thoroughly before making important business decisions there is an inherent tendency to assume the knowledge. 

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Request a FREE Project Evaluation Analysis Template:

Once you have completed the Project Evaluation Analysis you can request a FREE Skype Session to explore how you implement the evaluation


This is what Anthony Felstead of Business Link Wessex said …

“Laura has the innate ability to think strategically, challenge the status quo and be 100% accountable for her actions. She has helped many hundreds of business leaders in Dorset to plan their activities, by focusing on their strengths and opportunities, reviewing and setting business objectives. and at all times providing impartial business advice and guidance.”


Get your FREE Project Evaluation Assessment Template here:

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