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Project Tag: Research and Evaluation Projects

THE “How To’ Business Models & Tools to help you manage your growing business

Six Stages of Evaluation

The primary purpose of any evaluation activity is not to apportion blame but to provide information for future decision-making based on learning from evidence of achievements. In this video we […]

O’Brien’s Information Systems

Data are raw facts and figures that in themselves may not be very useful. Choosing the right systems and processes that give you valuable data will depend on how you […]

Feedback Control Model

We have all seen activities that continue to get done in the same way year in year out, producing at best mediocre results and at worst damage to the brand, […]

Mode, Mean, Median – Data Analysis

Collecting data for data sake is a pointless exercise for businesses.  Just imagine!  If we specifically ask our web designer to ensure that we have Google Analytics installed and then […]

Return on Capital Employed

The Return on Capital Employed is a really useful set of ratios to help with the assessment of capital investment projects.  The three examples in this video are the most […]

Scope Creep

Scope Creep is the nightmare monster for all project managers whether they are freelance or corporate contractors.  We often hear on the news, the stories of big projects going over […]

Productivity Relations & Ratios

There is a relationship between Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity. The premise is really useful for recognising how the two managerial paths interact with one another and how you measure success. […]

Triangulation Research Technique

Data triangulation occurs when a piece of data, a finding or a generalisation is verified by other research data.  It adds credibility to your business plans and investment opportunities.  There […]

Ricardo’s Due Diligence

Due diligence is usually time constrained and can be frustrating when you think you have found the perfect business to buy or partner to work with.  However, it is really […]